How to save money while travelling!

Today I will be writing about one of the most important concerns that we all have while travelling: Saving money!

I believe in Budget/affordable travelling and save money where ever i can while I am on my feet.

So, I thought to mention few things that I do to make my trip affordable here. Well, below they are:

  • Use public transportation where ever you can
  • Always carry some food with you— both for the plane and the trip
  • Book hotel rooms that include breakfast in the price
  • Don’t eat in areas that are close to tourist destinations
  • Fly Midweek within the country
  • Know the local holiday calendar: it can help you plan your local commute in a much better and cheaper way.
  • Buy local sim card and do not rely on international roaming on your Indian operator: Keep a tab on phone roaming costs
  • Weigh your luggage in advance
  • Don’t open the mini bar
  • Don’t over-tip: I did this once on a trip and regretted it so much later!
  • Go street and local shopping
  • Don’t go to shops suggested by your guides or driver: Again I really suffered once because I was trying to be nice! And boy, I ended buying stuff for $300 that was of NO-USE to me!
  • Carry a Reusable Water Bottle
  • Always withdraw money; never exchange.
  • Don’t try to go everywhere on your list in one trip.

 Create a budget and stick to it! 

The biggest costs in traveling are transport and accommodation. If you can figure out these 2 things before your trip starts: you are sorted out!

Traveling is a very personal experience. Two people can visit the same place, but can have different perceptions of their experience.

Do comment if you think I have missed out something!

Ciao 🙂

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