Are you a responsible traveller?

Well, I am! What is responsible travel? And why is it becoming a buzz word lately? Well, to start with responsible travel is simply to respect a place and its inhabitants. It just means assessing and evaluating our impact on the environment and local cultures and economies – and acting to make that impact as positive as possible.

Thats it! And that is not tough – trust me! I can help you to start you journey in becoming a Responsible traveller.

The funny part is people think responsible travelling is about never travelling on a plane locally because of the carbon emissions. Or doing a backpack trip for low budgets, and keep your travel as basic as possible. No, responsible travelling is much much bigger than these!

I have written a lot about it and you can read about it all here

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Let us all bring a change through awareness!

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  1. D.S. Chauhan

    I have gone through most of your writeups and found them to be immensely beneficial for people going ahead with their travel plans.Each article has a uniquely enlightening affect as each is loaded with lot of sought- after information so very very useful.Keep up the good work ,Shivani !All the best for your future ventures!


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