A corporate slave who loves to stroll around the globe solo! I'm in love with the cities I've never been to and people I've never met. I love to explore cultures, have my coffee in those cute little cafes and just wander aimlessly enjoying the beautiful world! Travel gives me immense joy- joy that is hard to be explained

24 Countries Explored. 146 more to go.

I am a firm believer and follower of travelling responsibly and taking care of all the aspects of the country you visit! Do not abuse, do not be a burden. Traveling the world had been on my wish list since I was old enough to dream. Thats the dream I am living and will continue […]


Who I am!

I love to call myself a ‘Solo Traveller’ A marketing manager and a graphic designer by profession, I love to sketch, write and explore different places! My love for travel comes from my experiences in my first company, where I was fortunate enough to get to go to some very exotic locations for work. I […]