Back-bone of Responsible travelling!

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

Now as i have already mentioned in my last post, I believe in taking baby steps towards being a responsible traveller rather than just thinking and talking about the giant ones (like abandoning air travel – I know it is not possible!!)

So, here I am listing down the most important things that matters in responsible travelling! I will keep it short and simple. Below are few things that I believe are the back-bone of travelling responsibly

Do not abuse the:

  • local resources
  • local culture
  • animals


  • the community
  • local businesses


  • the environment
  • local traditions and culture
  • local needs
  • local working conditions
  • the local language
  • local heritage
  • the cleanliness and hygiene of a place

If you can take care of just a few of the above mentioned points, trust me you will never ever have to go through the guilt of not travelling responsibly!