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What to wear in Egypt?

When I was planning my trip to Egypt, the biggest question that I had was what to wear in Egypt because its a culturally-sensitive country.

Now, I tried to search on internet but really did not get anything useful. Trust me. […]

How to apply for Schengen Visa from India

Now, this is a very tricky question. Some people will say it is quite simple while there are many others who will say its a pain! Well, my take is it is actually simple – its touch till you are done with all the documents. […]

Dholavira: a Harappan City – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Surrounded by the beautiful and unbelievably gorgeous Great Rann of Kutch, Dholavira is a heaven on the earth with its unique geographic location. Located 250km away from the Burj district near Khadir Bet in Kutch, Dholavira is the most popular archeological site of the Indus valley civilization or Harappan civilisation dating back to about 4500 […]

The Modhera Sun Temple: A marvellous piece of history

Gujarat is marked by beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history, ancient temples and shrines, heritage buildings and architecture. Centuries-Old temples have always been the most incredible threads of Gujarat’s culture and history. Gujarat is filled with the most gorgeous array of temples, Sun temple of Modhera is one of them, known as one of the […]

Gujarat: The land of legends and lions

A picture of vibrance that comes alive in various sparkling colours – Gujarat is not to be missed for countless reasons.  My recent trip to Gujarat has made me think about many things. Primarily why did I always had this urge to explore places outside India, when we have such incredible places in India? You […]

Udaipur: the city of lakes

My recent visit to Rajasthan has certainly been one of my most memorable trips. Before starting, I would like to thank Rajasthan Tourism for giving me the opportunity to explore and promote one of the most beautiful states of India: A place that need no adjectives to describe, a place that is unimaginably stunning and a […]

Banswara, rAJASTHAN – The City Of 100 Islands

Banswara – The City Of 100 Islands is located around 150 kms from Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is called so due to the presence of various islands on the Mahi River named Chachakota – the place where the islands are located. During monsoons, the region is surrounded with natural waterfalls including Kagdi fall, Juha fall, Kadeliya […]

City Palace, Udaipur, india: A journey down the pages of history!

My recent trip to Rajasthan was no less than a beautiful journey down the pages of history.  The trip started on a high note with one of the most majestic palaces in Rajasthan – Udaipur City Palace. Honestly, my words (whatever and how many so ever I use) will fall short to describe the beauty […]

Rishikesh (India) – lord of the senses

Rishikesh, a sacred place of Hindus, is equally popular for its yoga, holy expedition and adventure sports. It is situated in the himalayas of Shivalik range on the banks of river Ganga in Uttarakhand. This place is famous world-over as the birthplace of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and spirituality and people from all around the world […]

A small trip to Nahan, himachal

Sometimes all you need is a laid back life close to nature, absolutely away from all the hustle bustle of the city, where you can feel the silence, hear the chirping of the birds and the sound of the flowing water.  If you’re looking for such a place then, i am going to tell you […]

TOP 10 BIKES UNDER 2 LAKHs (2 hundred thousand) – india

By now, you all must be aware of the fact that I have a travelling bug but do you know that I am a bike lover too? Yes! You heard it right. My passion for motorcycles has been a huge obsession since my Dad brought a Royal Enfield popularly known as “bullet” when I was […]

Countries open for travel from India

Covid-19 has been a great fear for us to travel around to explore and relax. Masks and sanitizers gave us a thought of not leaving our home. This pandemic was a difficult period, mainly for travelers. Even when the cases were rising in India, many countries banned their entrance for us. But surprisingly, it is […]

Top 10 mobile apps that I use while travelling

Thank God for digitalization, thank God for all the innovations that are happening in the field of IT and thank God for so many brilliant apps that are there on our fingertips to help us wherever we are, whatever we are doing. As most of you know, I started traveling in 2010 and that time […]

Hotels Vs Airbnb

I recently went on a solo trip to the Scandinavian countries. I am going to write everything about the trip in another post. But in this one, I really want to talk about the most important thing of any trip: Accommodation! Yes, sometimes we take it lightly but then if the place you are staying […]

Are you a responsible traveller?

Well, I am! What is responsible travel? And why is it becoming a buzz word lately? Well, to start with responsible travel is simply to respect a place and its inhabitants. It just means assessing and evaluating our impact on the environment and local cultures and economies – and acting to make that impact as positive […]

The best romantic places on earth!

So I get so many messages from various people asking me about the best romantic places for honeymoon on the planet and so, I thought to write about it. Also, the places that I am going to mention here are not just from the places that I have visited, but also from inputs that I […]

Best books for travelling!

You know what is one of my favourite things about travelling? It is is that I suddenly have so much time to read. Whether it’s on a plane or a cruise, an overnight train or probably just while waiting at the airport, a good book can really keep yourself entertained and spare you from getting […]

How to save money while travelling!

Today I will be writing about one of the most important concerns that we all have while travelling: Saving money! I believe in Budget/affordable travelling and save money where ever i can while I am on my feet. So, I thought to mention few things that I do to make my trip affordable here. Well, […]

Smart Packing for a Solo Trip!

I always insist on the idea of smart packing while travelling, because it is one of the most important things! You really need to pack smart and less to make sure your trip is hassle-free. And when you are travelling alone, the problems amplify! And you surely do not want to deal with an extra […]

What to wear in Egypt!

When I was planning my trip to Egypt, the biggest question that I had was what to wear in Egypt because its a culturally-sensitive country. Now, I tried to search on internet but really did not get anything useful. Trust me. So here I am writing about it so that girls travelling after me will […]

Hong Kong: City of Skyscrapers

Imagine you have only one day in Hong Kong! What all would you do? What all would you cover in that one day? Do not under estimate the place, Hong Kong has much to offer within one day. Sitting across the windows of Hong Kong International Airport while waiting for my next flight, I remember […]

Petra (Jordan): The Lost City!

Petra, the great Ancient City is a wonderland of an ancient civilization! It lies half-hidden in the wind-blown landscape in southern Jordan and is one of the world’s most treasured Unesco Heritage Sites. Voted by popular ballot in 2007 as one of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’, it is carved into the rock […]

Cairo and Giza (Egypt): Home of The Pyramids

Seeing the pyramids was a dream for me – a dream since I was capable of start dreaming! Yes… Since I don’t know when. I still remember the day I saw the photo of The Pyramids in one of my text books and boy, I was instantly fascinated! They were built during a time when […]

Amsterdam (Netherlands): Venice of the North

Amsterdam: The financial & cultural capital of the Netherlands. The city is beautiful and stunning with brick buildings, open skyline, rich history, canals, museums, parks, vintage shops, food, beer, streets, quirky festivals, theatre, live music, laid-back bars, and delightful restaurants – Everything about this place is beautiful! The best way to experience Amsterdam is on […]

Cologne (Germany): The city bustling with life!

Nestled on the western fringes of Germany, Cologne is the fourth largest city in the country and a popular tourist destination. The city was founded by the Romans in 38 BC and given the lofty name Colonia Claudia Ara Aggripinensium. It grew into a major trading centre, a tradition that continued in the Middle Ages […]

Capetown (South Africa): France of Africa

Cape Town is fondly known as the Mother City. A coming-together of African and French cultures, cuisines and landscapes, there’s nowhere quite like Cape Town, a singularly beautiful city crowned by the magnificent Table Mountain National Park. Cape Town has it all: from breathtaking scenery to historic architecture mixed with minimalist modern design. Its buzzing […]

Innsbruck (Austria): Perfect Mix of Imperial and Modern Architecture.

Innsbruck, the capital of Austria’s western state of Tyrol, is a colorful and picturesque city nestled in the Austrian Alps. They say ‘Past and future meet in the heart of the Alps – in Innsbruck’. Innsbruck sits right in the middle of a valley and it surrounded by enormous, snow-capped mountains. This is a city […]

Paris (France): The Fashion Capital

Paris the fashion capital of the world and also, capital to one of the most enchanting country: France. It is a major European city and a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Paris is a dream – yep! I cannot describe it in any other words. From its wonderful monuments to its exceptional […]

Lucerne (Switzerland) – The Compact Cute City!

Switzerland – a landlocked country in the cultural and geographical centre of Europe. Renowned for its snow-capped Alps, lush green meadows and fresh water lakes, the prosperous country of Switzerland is blessed with a distinct character and dynamism. Lucerne is a beautiful city located at the northern tip of Lake Lucerne. It is a compact […]

Mt. Titlis: The majestic Switzerland

Switzerland: Is there a need for an introduction for this beautiful country? Its heaven on earth! Simple… I don’t think I can find any other adjective to describe it! Its gorgeous! Now this post is about Mt Titlis so will stick to that for now. Will write another post on Switzerland travel. So, Titlis is […]

Brussels (Belgium) – The Picturesque City

Brussels is Belgium’s capital and home to the European Union headquarters. Guess, the first thought that comes to mind when you visit Brussels is that it is very picturesque! And is filled with loads of delicious chocolates, beer and food. The city is filled with rich historic places and yet it is so modern. Brussels have […]

Grand Canyon (USA): The Beauty!

It’s like trying to describe what you feel when you’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon or remembering your first love or the birth of your child. You have to be there to really know what it’s like. – Jack Schmitt I love traveling and you know it!… And that too if its […]

Bogotá (Columbia): The city filled with colors!

Bogotá is Colombia’s sprawling capital. The city is the heart of the country: an engaging and vibrant sophisticated urban cool place surrounded by chilly Andean peaks. Bogotá is a vibrant, lively city I couldn’t get enough of. The city is a safe place with easy an access to many hotels and restaurants. You should definitely […]

Venice (Italy): Queen of the Adriatic

Venice – the city of love, the city of canals! Also fondly called La Serenissima, Venice is built on 180 islands that are connected by over 400 bridges with hundreds of canals criss-crossing the town. For more than a thousand years, the city was one of the most enduring mercantile sea powers on Earth. Venice […]

Johannesburg (South Africa): The City of Gold

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and is also the capital of the country. I was in Joburg (thats what I call the city with love – it still holds a part of my heart!), for around 6 months – yes! I was on a project there and was based there for few […]

Hampi: City of ruins

Hampi is an ancient city in the south Indian state of Karnataka. The place is filled with numerous magnificent ruined temple from the Vijayanagara Empire. It is located on the south bank of the River Tungabhadra and is around 300 kms from Bangalore and 371 kms from Hyderabad. Its proximity to the major cities in […]

Pondicherry: The city of rocky beaches!

A French colonial settlement in India until 1954 and now a Union Territory town bounded by the state of Tamil Nadu is at everybody’s list when it comes to travelling across India. It is a quaint and a picturesque little place. You can actually see everything there is to see in Pondicherry in just two days […]

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Heaven on Earth

Andaman and Nicobar is one of the Union Territory in India. It is an amalgamation of some 572 breathtaking islands located in the Bay of Bengal. However, only 28 out of so many Island are inhabited and are open to visitors. These islands are covered with dense, and evergreen forests and endless varieties of exotic flora […]

Kathmandu (Nepal): The Valley of Temples!

I wish I could describe Kathmandu in one word, but that would not be enough! The city is beautiful on one hand but Crazy and chaotic on the other. It is filled with historic places and temples. The city is spiritual, haphazard, fascinating and vibrant. Even all these adjectives are not enough to describe Kathmandu. It […]

Curaçao (Caribbean): An Island Country!

Have you heard about this beautiful island with pristine and clear beaches tucked into coves, an island that has expansive coral reefs rich with marine life, an island that also has beautiful architecture? Well, that is Curaçao for you. A small beautiful Caribbean island off the Venezuelan coast. I happened to be there only for […]

Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies): Unknown Islands of the Caribbean!

Caribbean really resembles the wildest imagination. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Author and Nobel Laureate They call it a lonely planet: Caribbean, I call it the doorway to music, love, nature and dreams! Why? Because the Caribbean is a paradise of raw beach and mountain landscapes, natural reserves, festive culture, and exotic islands. And 2 of such […]

Tanzania: The African Beauty

Tanzania was my first trip to Africa and it is needless to say, it was surely one of the best too! Africa is a raw beauty, its still so unexplored and untouched by human intervention that it looks and feels serene! So, Tanzania happened for me few years ago. But the memory of its rugged […]

New York (USA): The Big Apple

It will not be an exagerration to say that New York is one of my fav cities in the world! Yes, it is! Famous by the name of The Big Apple, one has to really see this place to believe it: its diversity, its colors, its theatres – everything is mesmirizing! It is an iconic […]

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Who I am!

I love to call myself a ‘Solo Traveller’ A marketing manager and a graphic designer by profession, I love to sketch, write and explore different places! My love for travel comes from my experiences in my first company, where I was fortunate enough to get to go to some very exotic locations for work. I […]

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