Why you should travel responsibly?

Take only memories. Leave only footprints


In 2018, economic data from the World Travel & Tourism Council indicates that travel and tourism accounted for a staggering 10.4% of global GDP and the tourism sector employed 319 million people globally—that’s 1 in 10 jobs on the planet.

It has been predicted that by 2021 an estimated 1.5 billion people will travel each year. And these numbers will certainly rise with travelling becoming really easy and cost-efficient. So, it becomes more important for all of us to keep our travels responsible, sustainable, or eco-friendly, it all basically means traveling in a way that minimizes impact and gives back to the places we visit. 

Now more than ever, we should be taking a closer look at responsible travel. Promoting this type of tourism is critical if we want to continue enjoying the natural beauty, the culture, and the interactions that make travel so special.

Responsible travel can have postitive impact on the places you visit and that is wht is it really important and vital for you to make all your travels eco-friendly because:

  • Benefits the local community
  • Makes travel more enjoyable
  • Helps preserve the culture.
  • Helps preserve the environment.

See the thing is the onus of saving this planet is on us, no alien is going to come and do that for us. We all can do our bits to save the environment and responsible travelling is a part of that. It really helps! So, next time you travel just make small changes in your plans and trust me, they can have huge impact on many factors of the place you are visiting

Travelling is a happy experience for the tourists: let us make it happy for the hosts too!